Child Care & Preschool

Peas in a Pod Preschool and Child Care * Located in Foskett Ranch Development Lincoln, CA *  916.626.9570 * * License # 313611330

Our Facility

​Our facility is always adapting to meet the needs of our current clients.  We have a few unique features such as a built in two story loft, artifical grass, and a large sandbox.  

Indoors we have a large play area that consists of areas that invite imagination and learning through play.  We have a market which we can transform into many different store fronts such as a flower shop, a bakery, a grocery store, a veternarian office, and so much more.  We also have a kitchen and dress up clothes for more dramatic play experiences.  Our art area is quite extensive with glue, scissors, paper, collage materials and an indoor easel that is always stocked with paint.  Our sensory table always has something fun in it like rice, beans, sensory beads, faux snow, hot cocoa, dirt, birdseed, and more.  We also have a light table where they can experience the reaction of light with many objects.  Indoors we also have our library, quiet area, and a place to do puzzle and other manipulatives.  Indoors offers many opportunities to learn through play.

Outdoors we have set up an extensive area that offers lots of opportunities to use their gross motor skills.  We have a playstructure for climbing and sliding.  We also have a small slide for the little ones and a larger one for our big kids.  We have a rock climbing mountain that is always having children hide under it or climb to the top to claim the flag.  Under all our play structures there is 18 inches of playground park for your child's saftey along with rubber mats.  We have an area with artifcial grass that offers a nice place to play ball or set up an obstacle course.  The nice thing about the artificial grass is that it has 9 inches of sand under it to cushion falls and it dries very quickly after it rains.  We have added a mud kitchen and drinking fountain to the backyard so water is available at all times for water play and drinking. The back patio also offers a place to ride scooters and bikes along with a great area to use sidewalk chalk.

  • Art Table
  • Indoor Easel
  • Writing Area
  • Circle Time Area
  • ​Learning Centers
  • ​Library
  • ​Quiet Area
  • ​Manipulatives
  • Puzzles
  • Sensory Table
  • Market Store Front
  • Dramatic Play Area
  • ​Block Area
  • Loft
  • Diaper Changing Area
  • Rock Climbing Mountain
  • Slides
  • Play Structure
  • Fall Zone Materials
  • Sandbox
  • Play House
  • Water Tables
  • Water Wall
  • ​Mud Kitchen
  • ​Bike Area